Complete Kit to Outfit Your BarrelBarrel Kit Example

Barrel kit allow you to build your own barrel and gives you the things you need to make it faster and make a top quality barrel that will be very functional. You can also replace the handles and padding and cover on your existing barrel to freestyle handle barrel to better emulate the surcingle you are using. The covers can be ordered in a variety of colors. Kit includes handles, cover with integrated cosac loops, padding, comfortable wraps for handles, backing plate for handles, instructions, and handles for carrying the barrel.

Step1. Please choose from the following:

Complete Kit including Freestyle (Type 1) handles, cover, pad - $399.99 picture 1 picture 2

Complete Kit including Freestyle (Type 2) handles, cover, pad - $ 399.99 picture 1 picture 2

Complete Kit with Round Handles, cover, pad - $319.99 picture

Complete Kit with No Handles for your surcingle, cover, pad - $299.99

Step2. Please provide your Barrel's Measurements in inches

See Larger
Measurement A. Barrel diameter
Full width of barrel, left to right in inches

Measurement F. Barrel Length
Full length of barrel, front to back in inches

Step 3. Please choose a color for your Custom Cover:

See Color Card
463 Caribbean Blue 462 Aquamarine
478 Teal 466 Turquoise
479 Forest Green 464 Royal Blue
473 Harbor Blue 474 Navy Blue
467 Sea Gull Gray 458 Charcoal
471 Onyx Black 468 Arctic White
472 Indian Birch 461 Sand
470 Buckskin Tan 465 Hemp Beige
459 Taupe 469 Chocolate Brown
477 Sunset Rose 476 Burgundy

Step 4. Please choose your delivery method:
UPS home delivery - $49.99

Pick up in Utah - Free

Deliver to an event we will attend - Free - Enter event here: